Turn your summer pests into a delicious snack!

The sushi of the future is insects. By 2050, 9 billion people will inhabit the planet and meat will be like caviar; expensive and hard to get.

With a protein gap on the horizon, insects are being considered a realistic food source and choice…..

For centuries it’s been on the menu around the world, but Westerners have never warmed to the thought of a creepy-crawly on the tongue. An Indian restaurant in Vancouver is experimenting with cricket-flour chapatis. Chapul, in Salt Lake City, has strong fast souring sales of their cricket-packed power bars.  The Nordic Food Lab in Copenhagen has created a moth mousse and bee-larvae mayonnaise. A three-star French restaurant is serving mealworms with cod. Looks like I might be working hard on baking a Mosquito pie tonight! 

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